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Proactive Cyber Intelligence: Move from the Hunted to the Hunter

Descripción del proyecto

Customer Testimonials

"Every other tool needs weeks of data before they can tell me where the problems are.  Mantix4 (M4) installed in under an hour and started highlighting potential issues that needed immediate attention on day one.”

   - CSO, International Beverage Company

“Other technologies simply look at the blinking boxes that flood me with alarms and logs. M4 proactively hunts threats from devices, applications and people. That makes a lot more sense to me.”

   – CSO North America Tier III Data Center

“It was ridiculously simple to install.  Actually it was ridiculously painless.”

     - Chief Cloud Solution Engineer for Large Cloud Marketplace Integrator.

“We chose Mantix4 because they provide us cyber threat insight and the visibility that differentiates our security practice from other MSPs”

     - MSP Managing Principal 


Our Solution
Our cyber threat hunting platform supports a human-driven process increasing threat visibility, data protection and incidence response — across all devices, applications and individuals by leveraging:
Human Intuition  
Network Visibility
Threat-feed Analysis
Behavioral Anomaly Playbooks
Forensic Analysis 
Big Data
Deep Dark Web
Threat Hunting as a Service (THaaS)

Threat Hunting as a Service

“I’ve marveled at the M4 product from the beginning. The ability to interrogate your network and identify truly what is happening, in a short period of time (hours…) and perform threat hunting live, is awesome! Not to mention the feed they have put into their eco-system is the best I’ve seen to date!”
   - CISO and VP Client Services (Global Reseller)

Why We Are Different


•Single pane of glass
•Devices, applications and individual’s behavior
•Real-time data
•Polymorphic threats
•Deep dark web
“Mantix4 creates a powerful visual interface allowing users to interpret large amounts of data in a short period of time, enabling companies to do their own threat hunting with minimal training.”   

    - Head of Cyber Security for Global Consulting Partner


Objetivo de inversión Avance de inversión Porcentaje en acciones de la empresa
$1,000,000 USD $0 6.6%

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